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Construction Phase Plans

Under Regulation 3 of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007), the principal contractor and other contractors must identify the hazards and assess the risks relating to their work, including the risks they create for others. Using this information, the principal contractor must develop a plan suitable for managing health and safety in the construction phase of the project, which includes developing information provided by the client and CDM co-ordinator. The construction phase plan is the foundation for good management and clarifies:

• who does what

• who is responsible for what

• the hazards and risks which have been identified

• how the works are controlled

Under CDM 2007 it is the responsibility of the principal contractor, once they have been appointed, to develop the construction phase plan, which must be completed before the client can allow work on site to proceed.

For all but the simplest of projects the plan may not be sufficiently developed to cover all of the work that the project will involve; it may only cover early phases of work (for example site set up, enabling works, clearance and early groundworks). The plan at this phase should, however, indicate how arrangements for managing the rest of the work will be added into the plan as contractors and sub-contractors are identified and can give meaningful input into their part of the plan.

The plan should be regarded as a live document, reviewed at regular intervals and, where necessary, amended to reflect changes in the scope of work or programme changes where the planned interface of trades may alter.

Health and Safety Associates can produce construction phase plans for a wide variety of projects, all fully compliant with the CDM Regs 2007